A recent national survey indicated that a significant portion of the female population is not receiving annual cervical cancer or pap smear tests, in spite of the evidence that the tests lead to early detection and a much better outcome for the patient.  Pap smears have been in the women's health package for many years and an annual screening is highly recommended.  The procedure is simple, quick, painless and very effective.  Positive results from the screening will lead to follow up examinations and possible treatment for the very earliest stages of cervical cancer.  A delay in diagnosis or delay in treatment can be deadly.

Both national and state programs have been established to make these tests available regardless of your income or your health insurance status.  Pap smears are available through your regular care provider and if a woman does not have a regular provider, they are available, free of charge, at various clinics and other government programs.  It is recommended that all women receive an annual pap smear.  If you need further information concerning the obtaining of a proper cervical cancer screening exam and test, you should call the American Cancer Society at 1-800-227-2345. 

If you have been receiving regular check ups and pap smears, and are diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, you should call Linnan & Associates, at (518) 449-5400. 

CATCH PHRASE:  For your health and for the wellbeing of your family, get your annual screening exam and test.