James Linnan has been named to the first "New York Verdicts and Settlements Hall of Fame" by the New York Law Journal.  The newly established "Hall of Fame"was created by NY Verdict Search, a division of the Law Journal, to recognize Law Firms that have obtained extraordinary results in specific areas of litigation.  The inaugural class of honorees was in Medical Malpractice. 

Jim Linnan was recognized for his prosecution of   Sohl v. A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital et al in Cooperstown NY.  Deborah Sohl,47, presented at the emergency room of Fox Hospital with classic symptoms of severe chest pain radiating into her left jaw and arm and an abnormal EKG.  She was diagnosed with anxiety and admitted for observation, where she stayed for 26 hours without a cardiac consultation. After intervention by an outside physician, at the request of family, she was transfered to another hospital where she received a life saving emergency cardiac catheterization.  She sustained severe permanent heart muscle damage as a result of the delay.

The case is a classic example of gender bias in medicine.  Ms. Sohl had symptoms of a heart attack, but was treated as an anxious female.  If a male had presented with the same symptoms, he would have had a cardiac consultation in the emergency room and been properly diagnosed within the first hour.

The extraordinary verdict in excess of $144,000,000. contained $18,000,000. for pain and suffering with the majority of the balance of the award for past and future medical expenses involving her cardiac care including a potential heart transplant.